Tuesday, September 11, 2007

saturdays with profi...

is dead. profi killed it. a few unreturned phone calls will do that. we also went on vacation for a few weeks. that may have contributed too. we tried to keep it alive while on the road, but profi was unwilling to board a plane and meet us in denver. so, for now, saturdays with profi lies dormant.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

saturday, week 5

our week five saturday with profi seemed in jeopardy at one point. jill was returning from a trip in washington with ella, and profi had family coming over. we waited it out though and around 6 we all gave a green light. we loaded in the car and headed to jose mccoy's to get their famous strips and cheese. when we arrived, jose had been renamed sammy and that didn't make us happy. then we saw a sigh in the front window that read: we still serve jose mccoy's famous strips and cheese, and we were happy all over again. we each ordered strips and cheese, and most of us loved them:

luke loved the spicy

ella went a little crazy with everything

but profi was not as impressed. this may have his only bite of the strips.

despite the fact that the kids were bouncing off the walls and profi is so freaking picky about his strips, it was turned out to be a good saturday with profi anyway.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Saturday...weeks 1 through 4

Week 4: TK Burger sounded so good that we had to go. I realize that thus far all our Saturdays have been filled with fast-food and sugar. Maybe one of these times we will venture out of the box, we have plenty of time.

week 3: An angel told us about the free food and slurpee's they were giving away at the 7-11 on Bushard. We were there!!! twice.

week 1 and 2 we enjoyed our favorite, "Pedros" Why did we drive to San Clemente 2 weeks in a row? Other than the fact that its always worth the drive, Dave was a little sick this first Saturday and couldn't eat much. By the next week he was craving it even more than ever.

What does this mean????

So, we are really excited about this new blog venture and all thats included in it.
"Saturdays with Profi" started as simply friends hanging out with each other one Saturday. Dave has a very good friend, Profi, who he has know for pretty much all of his life. He called up Profi one Saturday and asked him if he wanted to go with us to "Pedros", our favorite Mexican fast food place. So we drove out to San Clemente, ate some good food, and called it a day. Un-knowing of what we started the next Saturday we went to Pedro's again, also with Profi. And then the Saturday after that we all went to the 7-11 party to load up on our share of free slurpee's. hot dogs, drinks. etc. It was that third Saturday that we realized the little 3 week tradition we had started. We laughed it off and went on our way. So this Saturday it hit us that we did not want to let it go yet and once again called up Profi and made a trip out to TK to keep the streak alive.
So, here we are. Trying to keep track of all our outings with Profi each Saturday. We'll see how long we can keep it alive but we are hoping to do it until we move next Summer. At least it amuses us!